Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Select Ltd and its Suppliers take great care in predicting the particular demands of our customers with regard to model mix, color and specification in order to have stock on hand for immediate delivery. Mazda models are highly regarded and occasionally their popularity means a short wait is unavoidable. Dealership stocks are replenished at regular intervals, however if your needs are urgent ask your Mazda Sales Representative for further advice.

To determine the Recommended Delivered Price (RDP) of your future Mazda please contact your Mazda Customer Representative by telephone +501824040, visiting us at 165 George Price Highway, Santa Elena, Cayo or by email.

The vehicle’s Recommended Delivered Price is calculated based on several factors, namely a private buyer, 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance and including stamp duty, other applicable statutory charges, dealer delivery and administration charges. The final pricing may vary according to your personal circumstances. Naturally, having a conversation with us will demonstrate to you that we will have all the details you need. We also have vehicles on hand to demonstrate and test drive.

Mazda offers Mazda Standard or Premium Roadside Assistance. For more information please visit us at 165 George Price Highway, Santa Elena, Cayo, or call +501 824 4040, to register today.

The Mazda New Vehicle Warranty covers the repair or replacement of any genuine Mazda part that is defective in material or workmanship, within the warranty term, without charge to the owner.
It does not cover any expense relative to transportation of the vehicle to or from an authorized Mazda dealer or any consequential, indirect or incidental loss or damage. This includes costs associated with having a concern addressed.
For additional peace of mind, we recommend purchasing a roadside assistance service that may provide additional assistance should you require it.  If you do not already have a provider, call us at +501 824 404 to find out more info.

To minimize inconvenience, we strive to have a limited number of courtesy cars available for customer use. A nominal fee may be charged for usage. The provision of a courtesy vehicle is not a condition of warranty. In the case of a warrantable concern, the terms and conditions of the New Vehicle Warranty clearly state that consequential losses are excluded from any claim; this includes costs associated with having a concern addressed.

To discuss your courtesy car options, please contact us at +501 824 4040.

No. A New Car Warranty and Extended Warranty are assigned to the specific vehicle and remains with it until expiry. Should you sell your Mazda while the New Car Warranty or Extended Warranty is valid, both warranties remain attached to the vehicle.

Regular servicing is the key to the long-term performance, efficiency and safety of your Mazda. Keeping the Zoom-Zoom factor at its peak is made easy, convenient and worry-free through the Mazda Service  Price Guide.

Auto Select Ltd offers tailor made scheduled service for the All-New 2016 Mazda trucks.

Auto Select Ltd, as the distributor of new Mazda vehicles, is not involved in customer trade-ins irrespective of their make. The net change over price when purchasing a new Mazda is a matter for negotiation between the customer and the authorized Mazda Dealership. To receive a trade in quote from your local Mazda Dealership, please click here.

The accessory point in the Mazda BT-50 is always live when the key is in the ignition and the parker lights remain on when the doors are open, it’s advisable to lock the vehicle at all times to avoid the battery being drained.

We often receive queries from Mazda owners who are interested in modifying their vehicles, including changing tyre sizes. Whilst we understand that people wish to personalise their vehicle, we would like to remind everyone out there of a few important areas to consider before fitting any non-standard or non-factory components to their Mazda.

Mazda and their engineers carry out extensive testing to ensure that vehicles will perform reliably and safely under all operating conditions.  All of the parts fitted to your Mazda from the factory, and/or genuine Mazda Accessories added, have been tested to ensure they meet Mazda standards. Mazda has tested the components to ensure they are safe and will not interfere with any other systems in your vehicle.  Adding non-genuine components to your vehicle may affect its response to conditions and/or result in damage to other components.  We must point out that Mazda’s New Car Warranty may be compromised where a fault occurs that is related to, or caused by, a modification. Therefore, Auto Select Ltd does not recommend any modifications away from the original factory specifications, the only exception being the fitment of Genuine Mazda Accessories.

When considering the paint and/or fabric finish of our vehicle range, Mazda engineers go to great lengths to ensure that the materials and applications employed adhere to Mazda’s production guidelines and automotive industry standards. As such, we have confidence with the factory finishes on our vehicles. Tips on how to care for your Mazda can also be found in the ‘Maintenance and Care’ section in your Owner’s Manual.
As each Mazda Dealership is an individual franchise, we may offer to sell additional applications for your vehicle.  Products / applications such as window tint treatment, fabric protection and/or paint protection are not Mazda products. Due to this, should you have any queries in relation to these additional items, Auto Select cannot comment on its application to your vehicle.  If you require advice, we recommend you review the warranty documentation assigned to these applications and contact the supplier and/or your Dealer directly.
If your Genuine Mazda Accessory* is bought as part of your vehicle purchase, the accessory is covered under the terms of your Mazda Car Warranty. (Please note: some exclusions may apply, and the warranty is limited to the accessory being used as intended).

If the Genuine Mazda Accessory is purchased at a later date, or after your vehicle is outside of its new car warranty, then Mazda’s standard Parts Warranty will apply. .

* Non-genuine accessories purchased through a Dealer are not covered by Mazda’s Car Warranty.  If you have a query in regard to a non-genuine item, please refer directly to the provider or warranty documentation supplied. Should the non-genuine accessory contribute to a concern with your Mazda vehicle, then Mazda’s vehicle warranty may be affected.

Mazda Dealers stock a range of genuine Mazda accessories and can assist you any related enquiries such as pricing and availability, even for previous models. Please contact your nearest Mazda Dealership’s Service or  Dealership’s Part Department to discuss your needs, and get a price for the accessory you require for your vehicle.
We recommend having your vehicle details on hand such as the model and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) when you raise your enquiry.

As each Mazda model range has its own selection of genuine Mazda parts and accessories, we are unable to provide a detailed list. All Mazda Dealers stock a range of Genuine Mazda parts and accessories and can assist you with any related enquiries for current and previous models. To receive pricing and availability information on either a part or accessory (and fitment charges, when applicable), please contact your nearest Mazda Dealership’s Service or Part Department. We recommend having your vehicle details on hand such as the model and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) when you raise your enquiry. To find details of your nearest Mazda Dealer, please click here.

Mazda Dealership’s stock a range of genuine Mazda parts and can assist you with parts related enquiries such as pricing and availability, including for older models. Please contact the Parts Department at your local Mazda dealer. We recommend having your vehicle details on hand such as the model and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

To have your key re-programmed, please contact the Service Department of your local Mazda dealer. Proof of ownership will be required and there may be a fee for this service. For contact details of your nearest Mazda Dealer, please click here.

To replace lost keys, please contact the Service Department of your local Mazda Dealer. They can arrange a replacement for you once your ownership details have been verified. Replacement and programming fees will apply. For contact details of your nearest Mazda Dealer, please click here.

To book or discuss the servicing requirements of your Mazda, please contact our Service Department.
Visit us at 165 George Price Highway, Santa Elena, Cayo or give us a call on +501 824 404 for more details or to request a booking via our online contact form please click here (note: a Customer Service Representative will receive your request and follow up with you directly).

There is no charge for the ‘One Month Post Delivery Inspection’. It is performed around four weeks after taking ownership of your Mazda to ensure your vehicle is performing to specifications. A list of items that will be checked is available in your Warranty Information booklet.
During the free inspection, your vehicle’s oil levels and relevant components will be checked. If it is recommended that a change of lubricant and/or filter is required, these are not included in the free inspection and a fee would be applicable. Feel free to discuss your particular needs with Auto Select’s Service Department.
To book your One Month Post Delivery Inspection now, please click here to find your Mazda Dealer.

The New Vehicle Warranty is not conditional on having your vehicle serviced by a Mazda Dealer. However, please ensure the service agent strictly follows the maintenance schedule and uses genuine Mazda parts. Should you experience any difficulty with your vehicle during the warranty period and the cause is attributed to improper servicing, any rectifications will not be covered.
Without a genuine Mazda service history, any concern will require the review of your fully documented service history, demonstrating your vehicle has been serviced at the appropriate times to Mazda standard and specification.

For peace of mind, we recommend servicing be performed only at an authorized Mazda Dealer. Only our Dealership staff is trained by Mazda and possesses the latest specialist knowledge and equipment to ensure your vehicle is operating correctly with the latest engine management configuration.

Please note: Warranty repairs can only be performed by an authorized Mazda Dealer.

Auto Select Customer Support is unable to provide detailed technical guidance on do-it-yourself repairs. Please click here to contact a Mazda Dealer’s Service Department and discuss your needs with them.

Mazda Motor Corporation has been developing a range of new technologies under the SKYACTIV concept, including new petrol and diesel engines, transmissions and vehicle architectures. SKYACTIV Technology offers improved economy, more power and torque, less friction, light weight bodies and highly responsive chassis.

Mazda is constantly researching, evaluating and developing new technologies to further enhance the high levels of comfort, safety, reliability, and performance and to reduce the environmental impact of its vehicles. For more information on Mazda technology from ATS, ABS and MAISAS to DSC, DISI and RSC.

If you need a hard copy brochure please contact us, and provide us with address details and vehicle model so we know your preferable car and we will get back to you to know whether we can fulfill your request.

As a standard maintenance procedure, all Mazda engines (diesel or petrol) should have a check of their engine oil every 1,000km. For the correct procedure of inspecting your Mazda’s engine’s oil level, please refer to the ‘Maintenance and Care’ section of your Owner’s Manual.

Generally, the engine oil should not need to be replaced until the first Scheduled Service interval at 6 months / 10,000k (whichever occurs first). However during a periodic inspection on a Diesel vehicle, should the oil level be close to, or exceed the X mark on your dip stick, it is important you take your vehicle to a Mazda Dealer for inspection and diagnosis of the situation. It is highly unlikely that this will be encountered; and any manufacturing faults are covered by the New Vehicle Warranty.

As the Mazda Diesel is a high performance, fuel efficient and reliable engine type, there are some differences in maintenance compared with those of a petrol engine. These differences particularly relate to engine oil and are perfectly normal for a diesel particulate filter-equipped vehicle. Diesel engines use oil differently to petrol engines, and regular monitoring ensures it is maintained within
the correct operating range. Mazda recommends checking your engine oil every 1,000km or every month, to ensure the high performance and longevity of your Mazda diesel. Again, information is available in the ‘Maintenance and Care’ section of your Owner’s Manual.
If you have additional queries relating to the cost of your vehicle’s scheduled service, please feel free to discuss it with your Auto Select’s Service Department, alternatively for more information regarding Servicing your Mazda, please click here.

Please refer to your Owner’s Manual chapter, section ‘Maintenance and Care’ for tips and advice on maintaining your vehicles exterior and interior (from trim and glass to instrument panels). For general mechanical components that require owner maintenance please refer to section ‘Owner Maintenance Schedule’.

Whilst all equipment that places a load on an engine affects fuel consumption, modern air conditioning systems are very efficient.
Mazda vehicles have excellent aerodynamics and the increased drag caused by driving with the windows lowered to cool the interior would likely result in an increase in consumption greater than any effect caused by using the air-conditioner.

Tyre rotation is vital to achieving even tread wear and optimum tread life. Rotation is necessary because of different wear rates for each wheel position on the vehicle. The spare wheel is not required to be included in the tyre rotations. In front wheel drive cars the front tyres experience braking, steering and driving forces whilst the rear tyres only receive braking forces.

Note that tyres with unidirectional tread patterns are designed to operate only in the direction indicated. Tyres must always be rotated front to rear on the same side, so the direction of rotation does not change. Please consult your vehicle Owner’s Manual, or speak to your Mazda Dealer’s Service Department, for specific model advice.

Mazda and their engineers carry out extensive testing to ensure that vehicles will perform reliably and safely under all operating conditions; from snow & ice to sweltering heat & everywhere in between.  All of the parts fitted to your Mazda from the factory have been tested to ensure they meet Mazda standards. The wheels fitted at factory are the only ones that Mazda has tested under all conditions to ensure they are safe and will not interfere with any other components or systems in your vehicle.

Fitting larger wheels/tyres can affect the operation of DSC, TCS, and RSC which also have very complex programming.  A seemingly insignificant change to the vehicle ride height or the size of a wheel/tyre may mean that these systems do not perform correctly. There may also be insufficient spacing between other components within the vicinity (such as the suspension strut, control arm, steering rack and brake calipers, etc.). This situation may result in very dangerous conditions where the driver may not be able to control the vehicle. A different wheel or tyre package may also have a different rolling circumference to standard, thereby affecting the accuracy of the odometer and speedometer readings.

We should also point out that Mazda’s New Passenger Car Warranty may be compromised where a fault occurs that is related to, or caused by, a modification. Mazda does not recommend any modifications that have not been approved by the manufacturer.

Touch operation is disabled when the vehicle speed is approximately 10 km per hour or more. However some operations using comander switch are possible while driving .

Sorry we don’t offer in-house financing. However, we work closely with all major lending institutions including commercial banks and credit unions. Please contact your Mazda Customer Representative for further information or give us a call at +501 615 ZOOM.

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